Treating the Environment Gently and Winter Foundation Work

This week’s post begins with the establishment of an erosion barrier, continues with the deconstruction including saving the trees, drilling the well, excavating the old foundation, and delivery of the insulation for the entire house.

After receiving approval from the conservation committee we brought in Groundscape Express to set up a mitigation barrier around the surrounding property. Groundscape uses Microbial Filtermitt™ and Sediment FilterMitt™ structures in order to securely detain or direct surface water flows, retaining sediment, and protecting wetlands and other water resources. After all area is safely protected we are ready to begin to the transplanting of trees and deconstruction of the old home.

We are very determined to not negatively affect any of the land. We transplanted several trees so they can be reused. Several other old trees were milled on site and any other trees were sent to another local area. We milled black walnut and white oak trees, which can be used for indoor trim and bench seating. Now we are ready to begin deconstructing the old home.


We organize a piece-by-piece deconstruction of the old home and salvage all reusable materials that can be recycled. We carefully strip all of the siding and sheathing and organize it for pick up. We also remove all windows and doors for pick up as well.

We begin excavating the old foundation while we finish the rest of the deconstruction process.

Once the old foundation is removed we can begin excavating the new foundation which is located “40” yards south of the old home.

Winter is in full force, but fortunately we have the new house surveyed and we can start excavating for the new foundation. But before we can dig the foundation, we need to drill a well. The well must be drilled before the new foundation can be dug mainly for the large drilling trucks to get to the back of the property.

Unlike an ordinary home the foundation hole must be wider in order to be able to insulate around all foundation walls and all footings. We carefully map out and plan how wide and deep the hole must be dug.

We begin digging from the right side of the foundation towards the middle of the house. After completing the digging, we covered the hole with a large layer of hay and frost blankets to insure the hole would have no frost issues for pouring.

Check back soon to learn about…