Auburndale Builders Wins 2017 Green Newton Environmental Leadership Award

On Monday evening, May 22, 2017, Auburndale Builders and Nick Falkoff, Owner, received the "2017 Green Newton Environmental Leadership Award" in a ceremony at the Newton Public Library, Newton MA. This award is given to a business who is making significant contributions to keeping Newton green.

Auburndale Builders, in business since 2004, provides training and consultations in acquiring, designing, and building High-Performance to Passive Homes to homeowners, architects, and other builders. They also do home remodeling, home additions, and new home construction throughout the Greater Boston, MA area. Using their combined knowledge of historic homes and leading-edge building science, they create homes that are so energy efficient that most usage can be offset by renewable energy.

High-Performance Homes set a higher bar for comfort, durability, indoor air quality, and lower energy use. Net Zero quality buildings produce as much energy as they consume. Passive House is a rigorous standard for energy efficiency in a building, reducing its ecological footprint. It results in ultra-low energy buildings that require little energy for space heating and cooling. 

Auburndale Builders brings to the Newton community and its environs the energy, air, and climate optimization building knowledge and experience not readily found in the construction industry.

With the 2017 completion of the first Passive House project in Wayland, MA, the first all-electric net-zero home in Newton, MA, and the first passive retrofit office structure in Newton, Auburndale Builders is now recognized as the leading authority on high-performance to passive construction in the villages of Newton and its environs. 

Auburndale Builders is a knowledge leader in green building for this community.