Introducing the "Studio for High-Performance Design and Construction"

This week Auburndale Builders hosted the first education training seminar at its soon to be completed "Studio for High-Performance Design and Construction."  This facility dedicated to furthering the knowledge of architects, builders, and home buyers will begin formal classes in October 2017.

The meeting focused on the challenges of taking an existing cinder block building and retrofitting it into a passive building.  The education session focused on lessons learned with (Craig Buckley - Auburndale Builders), and the challenges presented in the energy modeling of retrofitted passive structures (Michael Hindle, CPHC, The significance of this work is that this problem exists across the United States and will remain a challenge until more people are educated as to how to approach these efforts.

Auburndale Builder's objective is to expand the knowledge base of people who want to know more about the up and coming world of designing and building high-performance, net zero, and passive structures for commercial and general use.

So, if you want to learn more, go to and signup for our newsletter to be informed of class schedules and interesting articles on this building science.