Our build process is near and dear to our success. The homeowners we work with tell us that this process is a clear and concise way to work, and are appreciative to our attention to detail.

1. initial site visit

We begin our relationship with an initial discussion to your home or job site. If an architect has been selected we may meet with him or her first to get their understanding of your requirements. If you are not already working with an architect we can provide you with recommendations of people we have worked with in the past and know well.

2. Sub-contractor site visit

We meet with our sub-contractors (excavators, framers plumbers, electricians, roofers, etc.) at your property to review the requirements and provide estimates. 

3. preliminary estimate

We can usually generate a preliminary estimate from designer sketches. The more developed the plans are, the more detailed our estimate can be.

4. pre-construction agreement

We provide you the option of executing a pre-construction agreement. If you're on fence as to how to proceed, this provides an agreement that will allow us to proceed, while at the same time providing you with the ability to opt-out while only making a small investment.

5. detailed estimate

Following the pre-construction agreement is a detailed estimate. In most cases everything you need to give your approval to move forward with the contract is included. This document represents the work to be done based on a combination of the architect, all sub-contractors, and Auburndale Builders professional team based on your requirements and plans. It's important that you thoroughly understand the content in this estimate because it represents the culmination of your defined requirements. In this document we'll separate out the labor and material costs for your requirements and your wish list options.

6. time and materials or fixed price

We work with you in one of two ways: Time and Materials or Fixed Price basis. There are advantages and disadvantages to each, depending on the scope of work. The price you pay is based on your requirements and the architect or designers specifications. In both cases, if your requirements (and therefore the work and materials involved) change, the price of the project will change. All of the work is described in detail and you can review the numbers any time to ensure everyone is on track. In fact, our project team will hold a weekly review meeting with you to make sure we stay on the same page throughout your project.

7. our project team

Our Project Team consists of a Project Manager, Lead Carpenter, and an Office Manager. These people are highly experienced and are there to meet your needs on a regular basis or as needed. We have a long history of completing projects on time and in budget, as our clients will attest.

8. pre-construction phase = planning, permits, schedules

Before we begin construction we'll hold meetings with you, your architect, and the Project Manager to make sure we have all the necessary permits and schedules. We'll go through the final project plan and specifications. Often times, we'll review the plans with the local building inspector to familiarize the official with the project before formally applying for the permit.


When construction begins and our team will be on site everyday. We encourage you to meet with us on a weekly basis to see how the project is moving along, review any changes, and review product selections. Our Project Team is there to help and answer any questions you may have.

10. Change orders

To ensure an efficient construction process, it is imperative that you don’t assume that something will get done just because a change is suggested. Please make specific requests of your project manager if you want something different from the original plans agreed to in our contract. Change order documentation will be generated so that you can review the details to ensure that our team has fully captured your request before you sign and we proceed. Changes are inevitable in any project, and the change order process is incorporated in our project management to ensure satisfaction.

11. Billing

Our office will issue you a bill every two weeks. Your bill will have a complete representation of the work completed, including materials, sub-contractor fees, rentals, and permits, to name a few. Please know that we're prepared to provide you with whatever level of detail you require. We only ask that you let us know at the start of your project.

12. Completing the Job

When your job is complete our Project Manager will go through the work with you and develop a “punch list” of any final items that need to be finished. Auburndale Builders will work on this punch list to make sure everything is done to your satisfaction.

13. Warranty

Auburndale Builders offers a one-year warranty on labor and materials. We provide copies of all manufacturers' warranties for building and mechanical components in a binder at the end of the project. To ensure that our energy-efficient mechanical and insulation systems are performing, we'll ask you to send us copies of your utility bills so that we can track your home's energy performance.