Would it seem like magic to walk into a home that is 70°, when it’s 10° outside? And know that little power is being used?

It’s not magic, it’s a High-Performance Home

High-performance homes provide:

  • Superior indoor air quality with a fresh air system, contaminant control, and optimized comfort

  • Advanced insulation

  • Advanced windows

  • More airtight environments with practically no drafts

  • Lower heating and cooling loads, meaning less energy is required

  • Lower airflow in heating and ventilation – so when it's on you only notice the quite and peacefulness

  • Energy security in extreme weather hazards. Renewable energy operates when the power grid goes down

  • State-of-the-art building science

  • Testing and verification by a 3rd party inspection team, specific to New England’s climate

Working with Auburndale Builders you can build a home that will use 80-90% less energy than a home built to code – the equivalent of your car getting 200 miles per gallon! Passive homes have a long history in Europe and are the future of construction here in the U.S. They provide the best living experience by offering unparalleled thermal comfort and indoor air quality. With good design they are more affordable than you might think.

Once a Passive house is built with its significantly reduced energy needs, it is a short step to Net Zero or Energy Plus depending on the renewable energy available on the site. Net Zero homes create all the energy they use from renewable sources on their site. Energy Plus homes actually produce more energy than they use and return energy to the grid over time.