Do Well by Doing Good!


Much has been made of the recent passing of the Inflation Reduction Act and its focus on climate action investment. The size and scope of this bill is the largest investment in climate action ever made by the U.S. and may provide a number of incentives to help people reduce their greenhouse gas emissions.

While this bill provides exciting and interesting opportunities nation-wide, here in Massachusetts we have been the beneficiaries of a number of programs and subsidies focused on energy-efficiency for years. In fact, many of our clients have received rebates for the solar panels and heat pumps used in building their homes through MassSave. Considering the fact that energy-efficiency was one of the driving factors to use these items in the project to begin with, getting money back is like the chocolate topping on a sundae! 

When we work with clients to incorporate energy efficient principles into their new construction or renovation projects, these are areas where we can dial up the energy efficiency and provide some opportunity for current rebates.

  1. Heat pumps. These systems are more efficient than standard heating and cooling systems and can either use existing ductwork or small mini-splits to provide the most optimized heating and cooling options. MassSave rebates of up to $10,000 are available.

  2. Weatherization. The first step in creating an energy efficient home is to create an air-tight barrier. Our process includes using recycled foam insulation to build a home that is incredibly well insulated. This process is also available for rebates.

  3. Solar. Have you noticed solar panels popping up on roofs in your neighborhood? That’s because there are a number of programs and subsidies available to residents in Massachusetts. Most of our projects use solar to support the clients’ overall energy efficiency goals.

As the federal funds from the climate bill make their way to the states through different programs, it’s possible that even more rebates and opportunities to save money as you improve your home will be available. But you don’t need to wait to start down your path to a more comfortable, energy-efficient home. Call Auburndale Builders today to get started!