High-Performance Home Construction.

Putting Today's Building Science to Work

These construction techniques are essential to building healthy, comfortable, and durable homes. Balancing the aesthetics of the home with the performance of the building systems involves many conversations, and each client will choose different paths. We have to figure out which techniques make sense for your project. Some projects use all of them, and some use just a few. These are the options that may be available for your build. 

Optimizing Window Placement Icon

Optimizing Window Placement

Orient to the south for passive solar gain

Renewable Energy Icon

Renewable Energy

Photovoltaics, ground source heat, and house batteries

Energy-Efficient Heating and Cooling Icon

Energy-Efficient Heating and Cooling Systems

Heat pumps and hybrid gas-electric HVAC systems

Balanced Ventilation Icon

Balanced Ventilation

Bringing in fresh air with energy recovery ventilation

High-Performance Windows and Doors Icon

High-Performance Windows and Doors

Triple-glazed, insulated and air sealed

Super Insulation Icon

Super Insulation

Beyond code by 50% or more thick wall assemblies, outsulation, or sub-slab insulation

Low Carbon Materials Icon

Low-Carbon Materials

Low global warming potential with products like cellulose vs. closed cell foam

Durable Exterior Detailing Icon

Durable Exterior Detailing

Rain screens, insect screens, and bulk water management

Air Sealing Icon

Air Sealing

Existing structure and any new additions to <1 air changes per hour at 50 pascals


Battery Backup/Off-Grid Capacity

Resilience during power outages, ensuring safety, comfort, and functionality.