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The iconic architectural landscape in Newton, Massachusetts and throughout New England is characterized by original colonial houses. These charming, historic residences provide a deep-rooted sense of history and character for both their owners and the surrounding community.

However, the beauty and nostalgia that comes with owning a historic piece of property can also come with inadequate insulation, drafty spaces and outdated amenities that don't align with the expectations of modern homeowners.

At Auburndale Builders, we specialize in helping Newton residents maintain their connection to the past without sacrificing 21st century comfort, functionality and sustainability. Our team can preserve and recreate the unique features that define your historic property, while thoughtfully integrating contemporary features, safety enhancements and energy-efficient upgrades.

Local Historic Restoration Experts

When considering a renovation to your historic home, keep in mind that there isn’t a need to sacrifice your property’s personality for more modern comforts. Our experienced craftsmen are able to skillfully restore and replicate original elements of your historic home, such as doors, windows, trim and moldings with meticulous attention to detail -- while upgrading their performance to green, passive and even net-zero standards. We take great pride in our ability to soften the line between old and new, whether it’s to a main home or a historic outbuilding. Barns, carriage houses and other outbuildings can be transformed into functional spaces like work-from-home spaces, guest accommodations, garages or in-law apartments.

From Concept to Completion: Full-Service Net Zero Home Builder

We start with an in-depth consultation so that we can collaborate to create a plan that reflects personal variables, like your aesthetic preferences and lifestyle, as well as practical ones, such as timeline, budget, and environmental goals.

Our historic restoration work is built to withstand the tests of time, heavy use, and New England weather. Use of high-quality materials and strict adherence to industry best practices. Before the job is finished, we inspect our work with you to ensure it meets your expectations and our own high-quality standards.

For almost 20 years, our commitment to quality has helped earn us a reputation as the go-to historic home restoration contractor in Newton, Massachusetts, and throughout the area. We regularly restore, renovate, and build additions for distinguished properties with addresses in Auburndale, Chestnut Hill, Newtonville, Newton Centre, and all other Newton Villages and neighborhoods.

Our Specialties

Energy - We build low-energy homes to Passive House and Net Zero standards using fossil-fuel-free heating and cooling strategies, high levels of insulation, and efficient systems and appliances. We can incorporate renewable energy systems and energy storage within the home.

Accessibility - We work closely with our clients to incorporate universal design principles to make their homes fully accessible for individuals who want to "age in place." This includes design features such as zero-clearance thresholds, curbless showers, grab bars, handrails, stair lighting, elevators, and ramps.

Indoor Air Quality - We focus on providing clean and healthy indoor air on our projects by selecting nontoxic building materials, mechanical ventilation using heat recovery, and monitoring of CO2 and pollutant levels.

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