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Visually Stunning, High-Performance, Long-Lasting Construction

Can you imagine living in a home that creates more energy than it uses?  Not only would this achievement result in personal economic benefit, but it would also positively impact the environment. Well, bringing this dream to life may be easier than you think. At Auburndale Builders, we help local residents accomplish this lifestyle goal through a well-thought-out combination of insulation, energy-efficient mechanical systems, and good use of solar panels and batteries.

Our ability to consistently create visually stunning and high-performance residential properties has positioned us as the go-to net zero home builder in Newton, Massachusetts, and throughout the region. In fact, in a recent interview with The Boston Globe, our founder Nick Falkoff, said, “People have this idea, because of what they see in magazines, that they’re these super modern structures, but really any house can be a high-performance house, or any house can be a passive house.”

More Luxury, Less Waste 

When it comes to building net zero homes in Newton, there are no one-size-fits-all solutions. We help local homeowners create sustainable living spaces without sacrificing style or function. From multi-vehicle garages, private fitness centers, and personal offices to spa-style bathrooms, luxury kitchens, and more, we can articulate every detail of your vision energy-efficiently.

A few design elements we can implement to offset power usage include solar panels (photovoltaics), ground-source heat pumps, and rechargeable solar-powered home batteries. Strategic window placement, advanced insulation, balanced ventilation, precise air sealing, and other passive features can also allow you to stretch your created and stored energy further.

Go Net Zero with Our Team for a Net Positive Experience

If you are searching for a net zero home builder in Newton, Wellesley, or the surrounding area who can provide a construction experience as flawless as the finished product, look no further than our team at Auburndale Builders. Our process begins with direct consultation. Our initial meeting enables us to familiarize ourselves with your goals for style and performance, timeline, budget, and other personal variables. From there, we can create a custom construction plan complete with initial cost estimates.

Our Specialties

Energy - We build low-energy homes to Passive House and Net Zero standards using fossil-fuel-free heating and cooling strategies, high levels of insulation, and efficient systems and appliances. We can incorporate renewable energy systems and energy storage within the home.

Accessibility - We work closely with our clients to incorporate universal design principles to make their homes fully accessible for individuals who want to "age in place." This includes design features such as zero-clearance thresholds, curbless showers, grab bars, handrails, stair lighting, elevators, and ramps.

Indoor Air Quality - We focus on providing clean and healthy indoor air on our projects by selecting nontoxic building materials, mechanical ventilation using heat recovery, and monitoring of CO2 and pollutant levels.

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