The Team Behind It All


Thinking about construction projects often conjures up images of men on ladders swinging hammers, the sounds of power saws and the idea that everything that it takes to build or renovate the home happens on site.

In fact, what happens on site is about half of the work that needs to be accomplished for any given project. The rest – managing budgets, coordinating subcontractors and ordering the materials  and products necessary – is done in the office by our incredibly talented Admin Team.

At Auburndale Builders, our Admin team are the ones who often coordinate with clients, providing budget tracking and transparency that is a key tenant of our process.

Additionally, their attention to detail is excellent. From managing plans and paperwork traveling to and from  job sites to keeping things organized at the office, we rely on this talented team to keep our projects moving.  Beautiful crafted woodwork is visible onsite- what is often not seen is our admin teams crafting the paperwork that keeps  our trades supplied with the information they need.  

Not only does each person have a specific responsibility, but we also support cross-functional training. This ensures consistent operation when staff takes time off- planned and unplanned.

So, next time you drive by a work site and see folks working, just know that’s only part of the team needed to make that progress happen.