Here Comes the Sun – Really!


January in New England brings few bright spots. The holiday cheer and fun are over; winter days are short and, mostly, cold. It certainly seems like the season to hunker down in the darkness to ride out the winter cold. 

While we are totally on board with cozy sweaters and hot chocolate in front of a roaring fire to keep our spirits bright until spring, we know – as you do – that the sun will come again. And, if you’ve planned your home’s solar orientation correctly, you can harness the warmth of the winter’s sun on even the shortest of days to keep your home warm and comfortable.

So, your first question might be – what is solar orientation? Essentially, it relates to the path the sun travels around your home. For those of us in the northern hemisphere, a southern orientation is particularly beneficial. This diagram demonstrates the different paths the sun takes in the summer versus the winter. 

While the winter sun moves in a lower arc over the horizon, it’s still possible to orient windows to capture that sunlight and warm interior spaces, which not only makes for happier pets, but can also help you manage your winter heating bills. 

In the summer, however, that weaker, winter sun can become a blast furnace. That’s where having appropriate shade elements come in. These will mitigate the harsh summer sun, help control your summer cooling costs and also provide beautiful design elements to your home.

If you’re interested in learning more about using the role solar orientation can play in your custom home build or renovation project, contact Auburndale Builders today.