Ho,Ho,Home Renovations!


If you head into the holidays wondering, “How are we going to fit all of the guests?” or thinking, “The flow in these rooms is not great.”; you are not alone. From a kid’s table set up down the hall from the kitchen, a queue at the guest bathroom or straight up complaints from your guests, many homeowners realize the limitations of their homes during this time of year.

In fact, we usually receive a number of calls about potential renovations at the beginning of every New Year as people look to address the pain points of the holidays – and we don’t mean the awkward conversations with *that* particular family member or finding a gift for the hard-to-shop-for inlaw.

While we would love to say that we have the magic answer to fix your home challenges, what we really have are some questions and advice, in case you’d like to talk to us about some post-holiday home renovation.

  1. What is must have vs. nice to have? For example, a full guest room and bath in the basement or attic might be the perfect solution for when the grandkids come to visit, but can expanding an existing half bath solve the same issue?

  2. Is it an arrangement or space issue? We see a lot of frustration around kitchens, specifically, during the holidays and people often feel that the best option is to tear down walls or build additional rooms. What we like to determine is whether the pain points are truly caused by lack or space or simply poor function. Most homeowners are amazed at how well their existing space can function with a few modifications.

  3. Will the fix be used year round or just 2 months of the year? We love to help clients create renovations that will support their lifestyles all year round, not just now and again. Renovations can be costly and the more use you get out of the work, the more quickly that cost is recouped.

  4. Are you looking for energy efficiency? Building with energy efficiency in mind is our forte. Renovating that drafty back office area into a well-insulated office / guest suite not only provides year round enjoyment for you, but is also a comfortable oasis for your guests when they visit.

We would enjoy speaking with you about your renovation project and how we can help you renovate the home of your dreams. Until then, Happy Holidays!