Remodeling vs. New Construction: Which Is Right For You?


Deciding to create the perfect home for you and your family is very exciting. Still, there are many, many elements to consider when planning a new build or a remodeling project which can sometimes make the process feel overwhelming.

Some folks who reach out to Auburndale Builders know that they want to live in a more efficient, comfortable, and durable home, but they aren’t sure whether the best path forward is through a home remodel or an entirely new build. This is why the Auburndale Builders team dedicates time to helping you make informed decisions so you can make an educated choice and go into your build with confidence.

Auburndale’s goal is to be sure that your home suits your needs and accomplishes all of your comfort and efficiency goals during your build, on move-in day and for years to come! Learn more about our team and how we work to help homeowners in Newton, Boston, and Wayland, Massachusetts achieve all their home performance goals.

New Build vs. Remodeling

Renovations can be an amazing solution to any problems you have in your current home, while building a new house allows you to explore every exciting possibility of total customization. Neither option is better than the other—every situation is just different! 

The truth is that a remodel vs. a new building will both ultimately offer you the same result—a home that you love. Still, choosing the best way to create a house that will suit your family’s needs is a big decision that merits careful consideration. Here’s a little more information to help inform your process!

Reasons to Consider Energy Efficient Remodeling:

  • You love where you live

  • The local school system suits your family’s current and future needs

  • Repurposing your current home could make it pretty much perfect

  • Problems with your home are mostly cosmetic or accessibility- and efficiency-related

Reasons to Consider an Efficient New Build:

  • You don’t feel attached to your current home or location

  • You’d like more yard space, less yard space, or a different environment entirely

  • You’ve always been interested in building your custom dream home

  • The idea of building a home of the future, like a Passive House, excites you

Kicking Off Your New Home or Remodel with Auburndale

Kitchen windows and sink

During the Initial Meeting for every project, Auburndale Builders will take the time to understand the goals, timeline, and budget for your potential project. These details will help inform your best path forward. During this time we’ll also talk you through each aspect of your new build or remodel to answer all your questions and help you decide which path forward will be best for you.

Once you decide if you’re going for a remodel or a new build, there are a number of aspects of your home’s performance that you can customize to suit your preferences and priorities. These can include:

  • Window placement

  • Ventilation

  • High performance framing

  • Acoustic comfort

  • Exterior detailing

  • And much more!

We think of each of these opportunities for customization as a dial that you can choose to turn up or down to stay within your budget and needs. This allows you the flexibility to make small tweaks rather than big changes, and honor your goals throughout the building process.

With this approach and Auburndale Builders’ commitment to collaboration, you can achieve the efficient home of your dreams designed to your specifications—an exciting prospect!

Enjoy an Efficient, Healthy Home in 2022

Whether you’re remodeling your home or have your heart set on building a new one, Auburndale Builders is here to help you achieve all your goals. We offer services to help you create your dream home that is focused around energy efficiency to reduce your impact on the environment and overall carbon footprint.

Upgrade to a high-efficiency home with the Auburndale experts. Call 617-467-4171 or contact us online today.