Considering Finishes in a Custom Home/Addition


The gorgeous kitchen, that spa-like bathroom, the living room that seems so serene you can imagine that living in it would make every problem in life pop like soap bubbles. 

We’ve all seen the pictures and dreamed of having a similar experience in our custom home additions. What many of us may not realize is all of the decision-making that goes into creating those looks. 

At Auburndale Builders, we work with our clients, their architects and designers to create the aesthetic the client wants, while also balancing the interior and exterior durability needed for the people who will be living in the home. 

Here are a few examples of how we approach a conversation about durability:

  • Floors – Are there young children in the home? If so, look for flooring that can stand up to the associated wear and tear. 

  • Countertops – Marble and sandstone countertops are beautiful, delicate and more likely to stain. If the kitchen will be more of a workspace than a showspace, consider countertops that can handle the usage and still look gorgeous, like butcher block or stainless steel.

Durability isn’t limited to the interior finishes. We plan for the “wetting cycles” typical of New England weather and make sure that the exterior finishes can withstand the rain, snow and heat of our area. Still, there are a number of options to be considered as well. 

  • Siding – How much variability and upkeep is too much? A shingled home will weather and change color over the years, while a home with vinyl siding will not.

  • Roofs – A slate roof is more expensive to install, but requires no maintenance over time. A traditional shingle roof is always an option, but does require regular upkeep over the years.

  • Outside stairs – For clients who are building a home for aging in place, perhaps the fewer stairs the better. 

In having these conversations at the beginning of our projects, we ensure that our clients are never surprised by the maintenance their home requires, or how certain finishes will change over time. That may mean taking extra time to evaluate the maintenance cycles required of different products, but we find that time taken at the beginning of the project results in a happier ending for all. 

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